This is your invitation to become acquainted with one of the most exciting spiritual movements in Canadian history. It is a movement filled with adventurous faith, great people, visionary thinking, and many, many miracles of God. Officially launched in 1988, this vibrant, worldwide move of God has only just begun to realize the tremendous potential that God ordained for His church to experience in these last days Our Purpose…

Every successful organization has a driving purpose. Ours is all about evangelism, discipleship, and the multiplication of spiritual leaders. REACH every available person, at every available time, by every available means with the gospel of Jesus Christ. TEACH and train believers to walk in victory in every area of their lives MOBILIZE the army of God, releasing believers into fruitful and effective ministries all around the world. By working together in apostolic relationship we seek to build an environment that encourages the development of the five-fold ministries of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. The release of these ministries allows the church to flow in New Testament power and victory. It releases the spiritual muscle to be able to achieve our ultimate objective: Kingdom revolution in all levels of society. How it all began…

The Victory vision was born in the Victory Church of Lethbridge, Alberta under the leadership of Dr. George & Hazel Hill. Founded in 1979, the church experienced remarkable growth, moving into a 1000 seat worship centre in less than ten years, launching its own television station, Christian School, and Bible college. Potential leaders were drawn to this exciting church from all over southern Alberta and daughter churches were soon planted in outlying communities. In 1988 God directed the Hills to form an organization that could pool resources to train and release more people into fivefold ministries. The result was an explosion of church planting that now counts almost 2000 churches in over 40 nations. Today VCI spans the globe with a tight-knit fellowship of ardently purpose-driven believers, who are busy planting churches, national church planting organizations, orphanages, schools, colleges, television ministries, and a host of other Kingdom enterprises all around the world. The contagious enthusiasm that propels this exciting movement rests on a deep conviction in the God-given potential resident in every individual. VCI seeks to create an environment of faith and possibility thinking that encourages ordinary people to press toward the mark of the upward call of God. Victory has pioneered new church planting methods such as the use of telephone campaigns, often drawing over 200 people out to an opening service. Local churches are then organized into regions of at least five churches for the purpose of fellowship, inspiration, and training. All local churches are affiliated with VCI through a simple agreement that allows them autonomy in the leadership of their activities, but joins them with all Victory churches in a covenant of Kingdom building vision. In each nation a national board is formed of senior pastors and regional overseers to provide a legal and spiritual framework in which to carry the vision forward. An Executive Board comprised of proven five-fold leaders is appointed to manage the day-to-day affairs of the organization. At every level, from the Executive board to the structure of a local church we utilize the principle that position follows gifting. The church functions most effectively and harmoniously when we place people where God has called them to be. This involves and openness to the leading of the Holy Spirit and the operation of prophetic gifting to help bring the church into divine order. The result is a dynamic, fruitful movement of spontaneously multiplying Spirit-led churches that continually advance the Kingdom! Equipping for the harvest…

Central to the VCI vision is the training and equipping of ordinary believers to fulfill the call of God upon their lives. This mentality pervades our local churches where clear pathways of leadership development are constructed to help identify people’s giftings and progressively develop them. Most of our senior leaders have come up through the ranks with one of our local churches. Victory Bible Colleges provide deeper training in the Word and in ministry opportunities. Offering everything from One Year Diplomas to a Masters Degree in a variety of majors, Victory Colleges are located in many nations around the world. National organizations also work together on a regional and nation-wide basis to help place new leaders in the best growth opportunity. Finishing Edge, and Leading Edge programs work hand-in-hand with local churches to help train upcoming leader in their own home church. There is no substitute for hands-on learning and in Victory we believe in giving people a chance to learn and grow with us.