So you want to plant a church? Well, fortunately you are not the first to ever go down that path! Paul the Apostle was the first to plant multiple churches and therefore develop something of a systematic approach to it. We don't necessarily want to imitate the methods that worked in the first century Mediterranean culture in which he operated, but there are many transferable principles we can draw from his efforts. By planting churches rather than just holding crusade meetings, Paul established "live cells" within his culture that reproduced and ultimately brought about overwhelming transformation of the whole society. We are called to do nothing less within our own cultures today. In doing so we are following in the footsteps of the great missionary movements of the eighteenth century, the evangelical movements of the nineteenth, and the pentecostal movements of the twentieth century. There is much we can learn from all of them. And although the Course Modules below are tailored to fit contemporary realities, that too is an ever-shifting landscape of social trends and technolgical advances that will require prayerful application of these basic principles.

Module 1: Getting Started

1. Church Planter Self-Evaluation
2. The New Testament church planting mandate/philosophy
3. Different types of church plants
4. Legal and financial aspects of a church
5. And more...

Module 2: Creating An Identity

1. The importance of clear vision
2. Mapping out your values
3. Crafting an effective vision statement
4. Marketing and the church
5. And more...

Module 3: Assembling A Team

1. Profile of a successful planter
2. Choosing the right team members
3. Leadership ABC's
4. Leading your team
5. And more...

Module 4: Designing A Launch Strategy

1. Research and demographics
2. Facilities and locations
3. Planning a campaign strategy
4. Ensuring funding
5. Lauch day checklist

Module 5: Post-Launch Planning

1. Avoiding common pitfalls
2. Developing a church government model
3. Long range planning
4. Birthing another church
5. And more...

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